The warranty applies to the services provided by the dental clinic Abbazia Dental.
We provide a long-term warranty for all dental work inside your mouth.
The warranty is valid only if the patient comes to regular checkups and has the dental plaque cleaned within the deadlines defined by the dental practitioner, at least twice a year.
The warranty covers the technical part of the replacement, not the biological part – health condition of the tooth, soft tissue and the bone.
The warranty is invalid if the patient underwent a dental treatment in another dental clinic without prior consultation with Abbazia Dental.
Patient is required to contact us immediately after they have spotted a possible issue.
The general health condition of the patient (diabetes, osteoporosis, radiation therapy chemotherapy, epilepsy...) can affect certain treatments. If that is the case, neither the dental clinic nor dental practitioners can be held responsible.
The warranty does NOT cover temporary crowns and bridges or temporary partial removable dentures.
The warranty is invalid if the damage has been caused by circumstances and events, which the dental clinic Abbazia Dental could not have affected (a fall, a blow, an accident...).
Warranty period:
Composite filling 2 years
Full ceramic crown 4 years
Metal ceramic crown 4 years
Zircon ceramic crown 4 years
Implant 5 years
Wironit denture (attachment) 2 years
Complete denture 1 years