removable prosthodontics
Missing teeth can also be replaced with removable dentures, which can be complete or partial, depending on the number of missing teeth. Removable complete dentures are made of acrylates, and the teeth are individualized. When making a denture, we use only the best quality teeth that are made of five layers of VITA PHISIODENS acrylate and look very natural. Removable partial dentures are made of acrylates or wirons. Wiron is a kind of metal that the partial denture skeleton is made of. Partial dentures made of wiron are a solid and stable solution, which is comfortable to wear.
Dentures on implants (all on 4, all on 6)
Depending on the condition of the bone, the dentures can be fixed with the implants. If that is the case, the denture becomes more stable and reduced (the acrylate size is reduced).
The number of implants depends on the condition of the bone and the patient's wishes. Up to 4 - 6 implants can be inserted.
Combined treatment procedures
If there is a certain number of remaining teeth in the jaw and their arrangement is favourable, they can be used as an attachment for the wiron denture (combined treatment procedure). Fixed ceramic crowns with attachments (hinges), holding the removable denture in place, are then placed on these teeth. If the position of the remaining teeth is unfavourable, telescopic crowns can be made. Then, primary crowns, which enter the secondary crowns in the denture itself, are placed on the prepared teeth. This improves the stability of the removable denture.